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What are your favorite TV shows?

It’s that time of year!  Football and season openers of my favorite TV shows!!!

We watched Hero’s last week and I’m glad it’s edgy – like it first was.  I can’t wait to see what they do with the “hero” characters and introduce the villians!!!  Another favorite is texting my friend La the next morning w/the “OMG comments”! 

Last night I watched the Grey’s opener.  I had TiVo’d it and so glad I did.  I was HOOKED and could fast foward through those commercials.  Whoever invented TiVo – THANK YOU!!!  Last season was kind of “eh, whatever” – so Im glad they punched things up and made the Chief more like a CHIEF – dont’ mess with him man!!!

I was looking forward to watching Desperate Housewives, but forgot to TiVo it, and you know what, I don’t care.  I probably won’t watch that one anymore.  I think I’m over that show, but still think Mike the plumber is hot.

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Congratulations to Mia Gatlin for not catching me post yesterday!  Mia wins a free portrait session!  I’ll be in touch Mia.

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Who are you?

I am: creative, independent and don’t like to be told what to do.

I think: words hurt people more than they let on.
I know: I am strong & opinionated.  I also know that I can tune people out if I’m deep in thought.

I have: no respect for people that don’t respect themselves or patience with lazy/incompetent people.

I wish: for world peace.  I know that’s a lame wish – but I really do.  More than anything, I want the men and women fighting a senseless war to come home to their families.

I miss: that my children didn’t have the same childhood as me – that is – no cable tv, Sony Playstation, computers, neighborhood security, etc – I remember playing outside for my entertainment and didn’t have to come home until the street lights came on.   

I fear: not living out my dreams.

I feel: blessed that my family loves me.

I crave: creativity, passion, and fudgy-bars.

I regret: not finishing college.
I love: my husband, my kids, my country, being a native Texan, that I can water-ski, be goofy with my friends, roses, accomplishing huge projects, and my puppies!

I am not: a morning person, nor do I express empathy very well.

I believe: karma  God,  Heaven, that my kids can do anything that they set their minds to, that my husband is very cool, and in myself.

I dance: in chairs very well!

I sing: in the shower, at work, in the car with the radio blasting, though I’m not very good.

I cry: when animals die in movies, when children die in movies, when Goose dies in Top Gun, and when my children are hurting.

I win: when I can.  I pick my battles.

I never: put a Welcome mat at the front door – just in case there really are vampires.

I always: turn out the lights when I leave a room.

I listen: to my own intuition, and when people don’t think I do.

I can usually be found: in behind a camera, in my comfy clothes at home, in the sunshine, or riding on the back of my husban’d Harley.

I am scared: of losing my children, my husband, and the sense of who I am.

I need: something to look forward to, goals, and my family.

I am happy about: 99% of the time – I love my life, my family and that I am who I am.

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Splash Page Warrior Princesses

I’ve been working all day and evening on my new splash page and OMG – it’s killing me.  I thought I had a pretty good understanding of html (novice that is), and it really killed me today!  I must thank my friends Paula Swift, Shannon Holden, Revenda Bierley, and Gina Giegley for their support today.

I’m finally done with it, but until Gina “blesses” it – (so I don’t kill my pretty flash site) – I’ll wait to upload it.  I needed a new splash page to help me in the web rankings.  Blah blah blah – just business stuff!  I’m trying to find ways to increase my web presence.   You see, I share a name with an actress (she was in Xena Warrior Princess and a few movies) and another photographer (she’s amazing!).  I notice from time to time I get hits on my site when I think someone really intends to find them.  Likewise, I’m sure they get some of my traffic as well.  Hopefully the changes I made today will eliminate that.

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Goodbye row 22, seat 110 & 111 – I’ll miss you!

So, today I emailed my dad – the one that raised me to be a Cowboy fan.  This is the man that I saw kick a television set when a bad call was made.  Yes, the same man that nearly killed me when I threw away an autographed picture of Roger Staubach (hey, I didn’t know who he was at the time).  I found out today that he decided not to purchase his season tickets – the same seats he’s owned since Cowboy Stadium (yes, Cowboy Stadium, the house that Tom built) was built.  He told me that Jerry Jones made him mad and he wasn’t going to give him anymore money.  Goodbye to Row 22, seat 110 & 111.  I’ll miss you!!!!

OMG – I’ll probably never go to another game now.  How sad.  I loved going to games.  I loved the tailgate parties.  I loved making noise when the ‘boys needed me to.  I guess I’m resigned to watching at home.  Hopefully my hubby won’t mind if I start throwing tailgate parties at home.  Nah – he won’t notice – he’s always out riding his new Harley now.

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