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Goodbye row 22, seat 110 & 111 – I’ll miss you!

So, today I emailed my dad – the one that raised me to be a Cowboy fan.  This is the man that I saw kick a television set when a bad call was made.  Yes, the same man that nearly killed me when I threw away an autographed picture of Roger Staubach (hey, I didn’t know who he was at the time).  I found out today that he decided not to purchase his season tickets – the same seats he’s owned since Cowboy Stadium (yes, Cowboy Stadium, the house that Tom built) was built.  He told me that Jerry Jones made him mad and he wasn’t going to give him anymore money.  Goodbye to Row 22, seat 110 & 111.  I’ll miss you!!!!

OMG – I’ll probably never go to another game now.  How sad.  I loved going to games.  I loved the tailgate parties.  I loved making noise when the ‘boys needed me to.  I guess I’m resigned to watching at home.  Hopefully my hubby won’t mind if I start throwing tailgate parties at home.  Nah – he won’t notice – he’s always out riding his new Harley now.

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Smell that?

It’s FOOTBALL SEASON!!!  I’ve been looking foward to this since February!  I’m so ready for the Cowboys to go to another superbowl. 

Today I did so many errands – including paying bills – hate to give away money!  Never-the-less, someone’s gotta do it and that’s me.  I’m the money manager is this house & it’s not a fun job.  My bank just recently changed their billpay program and I hate it.  Maybe I’ll get used to it – we’ll just have to see.

I’ve been getting phone calls regarding Operation Smile sessions in October.  The sessions will last about 30 minutes.  Should there be inclement weather, I will schedule a rain-make up date.

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