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2008 Christmas

Christmas celebrations from the Edwards Family.

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Cold Weather Lesson: #1

I learned a GREAT lesson last night, and I thought I would share with you.  So, for those of you in the D/FW area – you know how cold it was yesterday.  BRRRRR!  I decided that a fire would be great.  So, I found the gas key and turned on the gas logs – grabbed the lighter so I could light the fire – and it wouldn’t spark.  So, I kept trying and trying and trying to get the lighter to work.  Finally got it to work and I put it to the fireplace to light the logs and S W I S H – a HUGE fireball hit my face.   Oh, did I mention I forgot to open the floo?  (sp?)

Thankfully, I’ve got fast reflexes – I darted out the way as fast as I could.  I’m so thankful that my hair was in a bun.  I ran to the bathroom to see how bad my face looked – I noticed that most of my eyebrows where scorched as well as my hair.  Thank goodness it was in a bun – oh wait – I said that already.  I lost some of my bangs, my eyebrows – and I discovered this morning that I lost some of my eye lashes!   Cold compresses work wonders!  My face didn’t look too bad this morning, but I still see some redness.  My hands are nice and red.  At first, I thought I had 1st degree burns, but it’s really not that bad.  Probably more like a sunburn – very minor.

So, tonight on my way home from work, I bought some fake eyelashes and an eye brower shaper at Macy*s.  Believe it or not, I won a full jar of Clinique’s Zero Gravity face cream.  Co-inky-dink?

So, Lession #1 in cold weather – let your husband light the fire.

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I had the best time last weekend at Melissa & Chuck’s wedding.

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