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End of Blogging Contest

Time flys – and the contest is up.  Of the 30 days in September, I missed posting 5 times and I only got caught once by Mia G.  WTG girl!!!

For those of you that “almost” caught me – I have a lovely parting gift for you – 25 FREE Holiday cards.

I had fun posting this go round – even though there were days I was just BRAIN DEAD and couldn’t think of anything to say.  Some of your e-mails back to me and me laughing so hard – thanks!!!

Here’s something fun – the first person to email me with the location of the below picture will win a free session!

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Want to take better pictures?

Who doesn’t? Everyone wants to capture their memories in the best way possible.  Unless you live in Hollywood,  it’s not like you can have a professional photographer 24/7. So I thought I would give you some tips on how to make your family snapshots a little better.

When a picture opportunity occurs – most of us run and grab the camera really fast and snap snap snap! The results are blurs, uncomposed snap shots, etc.  Here are a few things you can think about to make each shot you take just a litte better.

  1. Get down to your subject’s level! For babies and crawlers, often times I lay on my belly and take the pictures. For a busy toddler, I crouch down to their level. Put your subject on a chair or steps to bring them up to higher levels.
  2. Get lots of angles. Walk around your subject and take shots from different angles. Your natural reflex is most likely to take the picture straight on. Changing the angle gives a different perspective and look to the image.
  3. Fill the frame. Zoom in or move closer to your subject. When using your point and shoot’s flash, stay further away and zoom in on the subject. The flash won’t be as harsh. Filling the frame takes out the distractions in the background. It helps keep the focus on your subject.
  4. Try to stay away from white or extremely light colors for clothing. Yes, I know white polos and khaki’s make for classic shots, but light colors also absorb light much more than darker colors, therefore you lose detail in your shots in bright light. Bright colors usually work best.
  5. Try to keep you background simple -it keeps the focus on your subject. Always pay attention to

If you decide to use the information I have provided you, i’d love to see what you got! Send me your shots using these tips to

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What are your favorite TV shows?

It’s that time of year!  Football and season openers of my favorite TV shows!!!

We watched Hero’s last week and I’m glad it’s edgy – like it first was.  I can’t wait to see what they do with the “hero” characters and introduce the villians!!!  Another favorite is texting my friend La the next morning w/the “OMG comments”! 

Last night I watched the Grey’s opener.  I had TiVo’d it and so glad I did.  I was HOOKED and could fast foward through those commercials.  Whoever invented TiVo – THANK YOU!!!  Last season was kind of “eh, whatever” – so Im glad they punched things up and made the Chief more like a CHIEF – dont’ mess with him man!!!

I was looking forward to watching Desperate Housewives, but forgot to TiVo it, and you know what, I don’t care.  I probably won’t watch that one anymore.  I think I’m over that show, but still think Mike the plumber is hot.

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LOVING this weather!!!

I just love this time of year.  The weather is perfect and I’ve got a C-R-A-V-I-N-G for Fletcher’s Corney Dogs and Belgin Waffles.  The only place I know where to get both is at the Texas State Fair.  It opened yesterday and I want to go so badly!  I’m trying to talk my hubby to take me – he hates going.  Last year, I took my small pocket camera and got some really good snaps.  I love those pocket cameras.  I take mine everywhere because you just never know when those moments will occur – you’ve got to be ready.

From time to time people ask me what camera to buy.  I’m a Nikon girl, but Canon is good too.  All my professional equipment is Nikon, but my small pocket camera is Canon – an elph that is about 3 years old.  I’d like to get another one – I think the shutter lag is improving with most cameras now.  Though I do love my iPhone – it’s camera is horrible.  Then again, perhaps I haven’t mastered the camera function yet.

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Whew – is this blog contest over yet?

I had forgotten how difficult it is to post EVERY day.  I have tons to say, but yet when it’s time to post someting here – I go blank!  So, let’s keep it business related – I can always talk my head off about photography – what’s coming up in October…..

I’m really excited that I next weekend I’ve got a wedding scheduled.  It’s another outdoor wedding – right at sunset.  The bride’s dress is a beautiful color – I can’t wait to see her in it.

Of course I have my Operation Smile sessions – I’m so thrilled to be a part of the – I still have sessions available for both dates – so please contact me.  The session fee is $25 and I’m donating that to charity.  I’m also going to create a limited edition product for $240 which will also be donated.  That’s what it costs to operate on a child – to change their life forever – to create a smile! 

I also have an egagement session secheduled – my brothers!  He will be getting married in November, the weekend after my 24th wedding anniversary! 

Until tomorrow –

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