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2008 Christmas

Christmas celebrations from the Edwards Family.

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Justin & Brittany

A few favorites from Justin & Brittany’s engagement shoot. 

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Who are you?

I am: creative, independent and don’t like to be told what to do.

I think: words hurt people more than they let on.
I know: I am strong & opinionated.  I also know that I can tune people out if I’m deep in thought.

I have: no respect for people that don’t respect themselves or patience with lazy/incompetent people.

I wish: for world peace.  I know that’s a lame wish – but I really do.  More than anything, I want the men and women fighting a senseless war to come home to their families.

I miss: that my children didn’t have the same childhood as me – that is – no cable tv, Sony Playstation, computers, neighborhood security, etc – I remember playing outside for my entertainment and didn’t have to come home until the street lights came on.   

I fear: not living out my dreams.

I feel: blessed that my family loves me.

I crave: creativity, passion, and fudgy-bars.

I regret: not finishing college.
I love: my husband, my kids, my country, being a native Texan, that I can water-ski, be goofy with my friends, roses, accomplishing huge projects, and my puppies!

I am not: a morning person, nor do I express empathy very well.

I believe: karma  God,  Heaven, that my kids can do anything that they set their minds to, that my husband is very cool, and in myself.

I dance: in chairs very well!

I sing: in the shower, at work, in the car with the radio blasting, though I’m not very good.

I cry: when animals die in movies, when children die in movies, when Goose dies in Top Gun, and when my children are hurting.

I win: when I can.  I pick my battles.

I never: put a Welcome mat at the front door – just in case there really are vampires.

I always: turn out the lights when I leave a room.

I listen: to my own intuition, and when people don’t think I do.

I can usually be found: in behind a camera, in my comfy clothes at home, in the sunshine, or riding on the back of my husban’d Harley.

I am scared: of losing my children, my husband, and the sense of who I am.

I need: something to look forward to, goals, and my family.

I am happy about: 99% of the time – I love my life, my family and that I am who I am.

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F a c e b o o k