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Earth Friendly? Why Yes I Am!!!!

I’ve been trying to find ways to be more environmentally friendly lately.   If you followed my old blog, you know that I just recently launched The Edwards Collection – which is totally GREEN!!  I’ve been reading magazine articles, browsing the internet, and even watched a few DIY/HGTV shows abount it – so now – I’m going to start creating new habits!  There are so many things I can do at home that I just haven’t thought of.  Sure, it’s going to take a committment to do – but for starters – I’m going to “try” and do the following……

1.    Recycle – no more throwing away coke cans or plastic water bottles!! 

2.    Sign up for online banking – I’ve been doing this for years, but didn’t know I could get statements on-line!  How freaking cool is that?!?!?!

3.    Shop online – save gas!

4.    Find new uses for old “stuff” before buying more

5.    Use rechargeable batteries.

6.    Fill up a reusable water bottle.

7.    Fix broken things rather than throwing them out and buying new

8.    Wash clothes in cold water

9.    Use canvas shopping bags rather than paper or plastic – plastic won’t break down and paper uses more resources – this will be “tuff” to keep up with

10.  Use less paper – my dad may not like this since he’s a paper salesman

11.  Car Pool – whoo-hoo – another save gas item!

Let me know you’re doing too!

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